This is just a little announcement about TP’s 7th anniversary contest which I’m participating in.

Torquere Press Celebrates 7th Anniversary!

Seven years?! No, we can hardly believe it either. Seven years of bringing readers the best, the sexiest, the most romantic GLBT fiction. And to celebrate, we’re giving away prizes — great themed gift baskets, gift certificates for free books every day, and a scavenger hunt that will give readers a chance to collect a deck of cards that will win big – -a Nook from Barnes & Noble!

Readers will get the chance to “collect cards” by visiting each participating author’s website, blog, or Facebook page. By collecting all the cards and filling in the form, players have the chance to win free books daily, a gift basket once each week, (including BDSM, werewolf and ménage themed baskets), and be entered in the grand prize drawing for the Nook.

We’ll also be having random sales via our blog, GLBT Romance, Facebook, and Twitter:


With bestselling GLBT romance authors like Chris Owen, Tory Temple, Kiernan Kelly, P.D.Singer, Sean Michael, and B.A. Tortuga, you’ll have a blast playing along. Just log onto Torquere Press website http://www.torquerepress.com/contest/index.html
Check out the contest page, and start hunting!

So, ya feel lucky, dude? Let’s play!


There will be a couple new stories coming out sometime soon. I’ll have a story as part of the new Torquere Press Charity Sip Blitz, entitled “Where a Hand is Always Needed” and gives Graeme Chao, Amiri’s infamous partner, his own backstory.

I’ll also have a story in the new Thrill Ride M/M/F antho that comes out. It’s about vikings. Vikings are made of awesome. And the usual holiday Single Shot featuring Amiri, Graeme, Lani and Wiremu. I just can’t seem to get away from New Zealand. 🙂

In personal life, I’m still in upstate NY, I’m appearing at Authors After Dark in NJ next month, and I’m back in school (again again) because I like getting graded on everything I do. And I’ve rediscovered my love of vikings, thanks to two weeks in Scandinavia this summer. Like I said above, vikings are made of AWESOME.

Once I actually have release dates/covers/titles/etc., I’ll update again!

Another NZ story?

“Country Days,” a look at Pai and Hemi from “The Nature of the Beast” ten years later, is now available as part of the Down Under Taste Test.

I join talented authors Laney Cairo and Kate Roman.

Ever wanted to travel to Australia or New Zealand? Now we all have a chance to go Down Under and see the wonders that part of the world has to offer! In Country Days by Kara Larson, Pai is plagued by cows in his garden. Lucky for him, his lover Hemi knows just what to do distract him, and get rid of the cows.

In At the Bach, by Kate Roman, Geoff has had it with the dating game, and when a friend invites him to a weekend at the beach, he decides that’s just what he needs to get over his last attempt at love. When his last crush shows up, Geoff isn’t sure if he’s found heaven or hell. Finally, in Almost Paradise, by Laney Cairo, Lee has left Melbourne in search of a tiny paradise town, but what he finds might surprise him. Good thing Charlie knows how to help a guy out. Head Down Under today!

My Opal Birthstone, At the Sign of the Ancestors, is OUT!

Kit Chao’s family holds on to many of the traditions of their Thai ancestry. One of those traditions is Thai fighting, or Muay Thai, a martial art Kit has been raised doing. He treats it as a sign of respect for his ancestors, and while his fighting days have passed, Kit still occasionally steps into the ring when his gym needs him. That bit of information isn’t something he talks about too often, just as he has never officially told his fellow fighters and trainers about being gay.

Drew is Kit’s first potential boyfriend in a long time. A teacher, like Kit is during his day job, Drew share academic interests with Kit, as well as an intense attraction. One thing Drew doesn’t quite understand, though, is why Kit would risk his life and limbs to fight. They both have to do some intense soul-searching in order to keep their relationship from facing total knock-out.

Not entirely based on personal experience, but drawn from my days of training in muay thai at my favorite gym. It’s available in e-format here.

My Halloween Sip, As Green as Onie Glass, comes out on Friday. Keep a lookout for it!

Today is my day in the Torquere Press Road of Relationship, celebrating life, love and romance no matter what the sex of your partner. My snippet (which kind of ran over 2k words) is a hazy-distant future look at the lives of Erlend, selkie lover Ronan, son Bryn and boyfriend/son-in-law Kyle. Seal Skin from Shifting Again is a story that I’m rather proud of, proud enough to write a semi-sequel/companion tale in the form of Horsemaster, telling Bryn’s side of things, and an unnamed, unwritten tale dealing with Bryn, Kyle, and the aftermath of Horsemaster.

So, enjoy the snippet!

TP turns Five this month! To help celebrate, I’m participating in the Torquere Press Scavenger Hunt. Somewhere on this blog, there is a graphic clue that you can hunt for. Collect all the clues, input them on this page, and you can win an Amazon Kindle filled with TP romances!

Later this month, I’ll have a wedding snippet up as part of Torquere’s Route of Relationship promo. My day is September 15th. Keep your eyes out!

Thanks for reading! Thanks for keeping TP alive!

Just a drive-by posting to announce some titles coming out in October and November:

My Arcana, based on the World Tarot card: A Match Made by the Council (debuing this November)
Detailing the story of one Korinthos, 21st century night, and his odd new roommate, who just might be a magician–a real one…

My Birthstone, Opal: At the Sign of the Ancestors (debuing in October)
How do you tell your new boyfriend about your hobby, fighting thai boxing-style? How do you tell the guys that you train with about your boyfriend? Kit’s about to find out.

A holiday Single Shot, semi-sequel to And A Chook Shall Lead Them (debuing in December)
Amiri knew that Christmas with the rellies wasn’t going to be all fun and games. He hadn’t known it’d be this difficult though

There should be at least one Halloween Sip, and maybe a Spurs and Saddles come November as well. We’re still working plotting those out. 😉

I’ll also be at Yaoi Con on Saturday, September 27th at the Torquere Press booth, if anyone wants to stop by to say hi!

Live long and prosper! (Or something.)

I was walking down the street in Auckland, just off Mt. Eden Road. As I passed the church there, I noticed a brown chicken standing on the pavement, staring at me. It paced me for a little while. And then I wondered if Auckland City was zoned for chooks, and suddenly had an image of a young kid asking his uncle where his chooks were, because it was a question on the old census form. And there had been that chicken stalking me at Dr. Kiwi’s house the prior weekend. Thus, “And a Chook Shall Lead Them” was born.

What do you get when you combine a reluctant uncle, his recalcitrant nephew and autistic niece, a pony and a couple of chickens? You get my latest story, available in both e- and print format. Print! You can get it in print! I want it in print!

From the back blurb: Kara Larson’s “And a Chook Shall Lead Them” tells the story of Amiri and Graeme, New Zealand physicians torn between historical family ties and two children’s needs in today’s world.

The link: Print and eBook, oh my!

The cover:

So, if you’re curious about my take on family dynamics, or you’re just homesick for that Kiwi lifestyle like I am, go check it out!

Two stories up today! First, “With Wings to Fly”, a shape-shifting take on King Arthur and his infamous foster brother, Cai. This is part of Shifting Back, the latest in Rob Knight’s Shifting series of anthologies.

Shifting Back

An excerpt:

Cai stared at the tent wall, his eyes not seeing the roughly woven wool in front of him. From the inside, it didn’t look like the pavilion of a war chieftain, not even one of the Pen Draig clan. The only evidence of status was the standard that hung above Artur’s empty pallet–a red dragon, wings spread, on a field of white. A little presumptuous, since Artur himself wasn’t even at the camp right now. But even if he was, Myrddin wouldn’t risk Artur’s safety, or the surprise of their attack, by flying the long-unseen banner of the Pen Draig clan. Not since Uther’s death had it flown in battle. Not since Uther’s death, at the hands of the father of the man they faced now, had the Pen Draig name called the men of Gwynedd to battle.

But Artur wasn’t there to rally the men. Not yet. Not the true Artur.

“Cai?” Myrddin’s voice shook him out of his reverie. “It’s time, bach.”

Cai nodded. He stripped off his tunic and trews, leaving them on his pallet. Artur’s ring he kissed once before dropping it on top of his clothes. He shivered in the chill morning air. “Aye, cyfarwydd. I’m ready.”

Myrddin stood on his toes, leaning up to kiss Cai’s forehead. “For luck, bach. Bring him back to us.”

“We won’t lose another Pen Draig,” Cai said, closing his eyes. “I promise.”

Pain lanced through his body, his very bones shifting and shrinking. His skeleton curved and bent in ways it wasn’t meant to, his arms spreading, spreading until they felt as if they would break. His skin itched as feathered quills began to cover his naked limbs. As Cai opened his mouth to scream, the raucous cry of a falcon was heard.

“Fly high, bach,” Myrddin urged as he opened the tent flap. “Fly high and bring our boy back.”


And then my contribution to the Halloween Sips Blitz, Positions Vacant:

Halloween Sip

It hadn’t been bad for a Halloween night, and a rainy Halloween night at that. No teenagers had egged his door this year. No one had smashed the Charlie Brown of a lopsided pumpkin he’d carved a half-assed face into just minutes before he’d shoved it outside with a candle crammed down its throat. Er, mouth. And hey, he still had candy left, which meant he’d done something right this year. All Hallows wasn’t too bad, once you divorced it from the neo-pagan rituals of your roots and let it exist in its purely commercial birthright. Especially when it meant a night off from classes, since no college student in their right mind would pass up one last chance at trick or treating.

So Adrian sat by himself, folding laundry and enjoying the benefits of what had been a deserted laundry room for a change. Until his doorbell rang.

And someone deposited what looked like, for all intents and purposes, a demon prince on his doorstep.

Adrian stared at the demon–er, man–that stood just outside his door, taking in the dark hair, the dark clothing, even the dark leathery wings seemed to spring from the guy’s shoulders. Someone had obviously done his research, or at least checked out every Monster Manual that Wizards of the Coast ever put out. Damn his parents, and the fact that they considered gaming manuals proper reading material for bedtime stories. And of course the guy had to be kinda hot. Or very hot. Especially for someone who looked like a demon prince. “Look, just because it’s been awhile since… well, y’know…”

The demon prince stared at him blankly. Adrian, noticing that the demon’s eyes seemed bright yellow in the porch light, shook his head and tried again. “They shouldn’t have put you up to this. I mean, the costume’s fantastic, but…”

The blank look was now uncertain. He had to admit that costume was one of the best he’d ever seen, and this was coming from someone whose parents were die-hard Rennies and whose sister had done enough prosthetic work both in and out of Hollywood to outfit an entire army of hobbits and elves. Even though it was a dark and stormy night, none of the demon’s makeup had run and his prosthetics, even the black horns affixed to his forehead, were still immaculately in place.

“Look, d’you wanna at least come in out of the rain? I still have some candy, and I can fix you a cup of cider or something.” Adrian gently took the demon by the arm, all but dragging him into his apartment. There was no resistance, which surprised him. Either the rain had shocked the poor guy more than he thought, or the guy was a damned good actor. If Holly sent him, since she knew half of gay Hollywood anyway, it was probably the acting bit. If not…

Hope you enjoy!

Up and Coming

Whoo, my first entry of substance! It’s an exciting week for me. I’ve got three stories coming out from Torquere Press (enter puns here), including two on Wednesday and one on Saturday. Except that’s Thursday and Sunday in my neck of the woods, being Down Under and all.

In honor of Halloween, I’ve written a story for Torquere’s Halloween Sips Blitz. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a demon prince showed up on your doorstep, Adrian can answer that question for you in Position Vacant.

And I’m really excited to participate in another “Shifting” volume. Shifting Back, including my story “With Wings to Fly” also comes out on Wednesday. Artur is the very center of Cai’s world in 6th century Briton. He’ll do anything to save his lover, including try to conquer the druidic powers of shapeshifting that he seems to be developing.

And finally, the one I’m probably most excited about… My very own Arcana comes out on Saturday. “Horsemaster: The Three of Swords” is a sort-of sequel to my “Seal Skin” story from Shifting Again. This is the story of Bryn, Ronan’s oldest son, and his take on the action. From the website:

When Bryn Kirkness leaves Orkney to study in Aberdeen, everything changes. He makes a new best friend, Kyle, but back home everything is going wrong as Bryn’s step-father, Ronan the selkie, returns to the sea, simply strengthening Bryn’s resolution not to allow himself to fall in love, because love only hurts. What does it take to prove to Bryn that love can be worth that risk?

I’ll post covers and links once they’re up. And look out for some snippets too! You can also catch me on Torquere’s Livejournal on Saturday the 3rd. Come and play!

And Happy early Halloween!